Oct 16, 2006 — Life · Music

Iron Maiden

I flew to Maryland this past weekend and drove to New Jersey with my brother to see Iron Maiden. Opening band was Bullet for My Valentine and they weren’t too bad for a group I’d…

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Oct 16, 2006 — Humor

Ask A Ninja

If you haven’t seen this site before, check it out! The ‘Nintnernships’ and ‘Summer Jobs’ episodes are my favorites. Turn your cubicle into a CUBIKILL!

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Sep 26, 2006 — College and Internships · Life

Home Stretch

It’s senior year. My room is a single the size of a double with space for way more crap than the Jeep could haul. Maybe next weekend I’ll grab the mountain bike and sneak in…

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Aug 03, 2006 — Freelance · Web

Pragmatic Web Design

Web design is one of the few careers I know of where the client dictates so much of a project’s end result. On the one hand, it’s great to allow copious client input and really…

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Jul 21, 2006 — Advice · Freelance · Life

Input Equals Output

The importance of balancing work and life is one of those lessons that can’t be learned soon enough. This past semester of college, freelance work really took off and I was fortunate to gain some…

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Jul 15, 2006 — Advice · Life

“Pen and Paper Wick Ideas”

Friends at school can attest to watching me invent the original “palm pilot,” jotting essay length messages on the back of my hand each day. Eventually, stained skin and tempting an ink poisoned death got…

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