Apr 07, 2005 — College and Internships · Life

Intern Update:

I had a phone interview with Kennedy Info today which was awesome; they’re great people. Work sounded like mostly HTML, CSS, and even some Flash, which I’m pretty psyched about. Said they probably don’t have…

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Apr 06, 2005 — College and Internships · Life

Oh, You’ve Done it Now

Alas, I’ve declared my major in Graphic Design. Was hoping for a monster truck building, baseball analyzing, family loving degree but ah, this is close enough. Still on the hunt for a summer internship; it’s…

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Apr 03, 2005 — Life

Day With My Favorite Girls

Not much time to type and haven’t had the chance to reflect on all that’s happened yet but today’s just been one of those days worth noting. Planned nothing, yet everything lined up. Saw family,…

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Mar 31, 2005 — College and Internships · Life

Stay Hungry

Just printed a one-hundred and thirty nine page thesis paper. Why? Because I’m hungry for the knowledge. The same hunger I feel when I’m at the gym. The same hunger I feel when I read…

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Mar 18, 2005 — Web

Reverse Me

Ever wonder what an executable file looks like under the hood? Probably not unless you’re a geek but people who read blogs usually are so… First, download and install the debugger Ollydbg. Run the program…

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Mar 13, 2005 — College and Internships · Life

The Reason

Snowmobiles race along side the road, bundled up fishermen dangle their favorite lures below six inches of ice, and the worries of school slowly fall off with the slush on Jeep mud flaps. I made…

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