Mar 18, 2005 — Web

Reverse Me

Ever wonder what an executable file looks like under the hood? Probably not unless you’re a geek but people who read blogs usually are so… First, download and install the debugger Ollydbg. Run the program…

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Mar 13, 2005 — College and Internships · Life

The Reason

Snowmobiles race along side the road, bundled up fishermen dangle their favorite lures below six inches of ice, and the worries of school slowly fall off with the slush on Jeep mud flaps. I made…

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Mar 01, 2005 — Life

The Boots

As I strapped on my Chippewa boots the other day to battle the freshly fallen snow, I remembered my Dad mentioning how he always had a clean pair of boots and a work pair of…

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Feb 28, 2005 — College and Internships · Life

Ash Sighting

There he was…three rows down from me. Looking at the chalkboard with a pencil in hand and notebook open. All I could hear in my head was “Come get some” as images of shotgun wounded…

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Feb 25, 2005 — Life

The Meaning of Life

Life isn’t the car you drive, the suit you wear, the size of your wallet… it’s the amount of lives you’ve touched, people you’ve affected, and what you mean to those individuals. I could be…

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Feb 21, 2005 — Life

Donating Free Wisdom: Use at Own Risk

I’m scared to think how many novels I’ve written to some of my friends, topics ranging from advice, encouragement, reassurance, etc. The affects of the internet, e-mail in particular, on relationships would be an interesting…

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