While organizing some files tonight, I found the first few versions of Shifting Creations in all their retro glory. Feast your eyes upon these beaut’s! These were really my first attempts at web design, back when Photoshop was God for not only creating the graphics but also cutting, slicing, and exporting a completed, awesome website! Translation: excessive images with loads of garbage text, all strewn about a tangled mess of tables. Anyone else start off designing this way? I always thought you’d have to be like the Conan the Barbarian of web design to actually code by hand. ‘The riddle…of steel html.’

Anyway, onto the goods, almost two years old now. Not all links or files may work, but the majority is there. Enjoy!

Shifting Creations V.1:


Shifting Creations V.3 (I’m skipping 2 because it was so bad…):


Shifting Creations V.4: