There he was…three rows down from me. Looking at the chalkboard with a pencil in hand and notebook open. All I could hear in my head was “Come get some” as images of shotgun wounded hags flashed by. Was I the only one to notice? Did the others live in their TI-82 calculator worlds too long to know who this man was? Hmm. I pondered this for a class or two and then took action. As I was holding the door to the bathroom for this B movie hero, I uttered, “Dude, have you seen Army of Darkness?” The look on his face told me I was not the first person to ask him that question. He gave a nod and a knowing grin. Now every week I go to class in hopes that this Bruce Cambell look alike will be toting that rusty detachable chainsaw and maybe we’ll get out of class early. “Groovy”