When someone shows up with an old Metallica t-shirt on that he stole from his brother, converse sneakers, faded jeans and a pirate tattoo, you say to yourself now thats what I remember as being cool. A guy who could pull off the trendy look any day of the week but instead chooses to be Detroit Rock City mixed with Iron Maiden cool.

A good friend stopped by this weekend before going to Iraq. We hung out and smoked cigars on my porch…images of Arnold in Predator came to my mind as the fat stub began to burn my finger tips (“Get to the choppaa!). We talked of our plans to conquer the world and all the fools we have run into along the way. Story after story came up which reminded me of our high school days when causing ruckus and looking for chicks were the main motivators. Days of listening to Sabbath while cruising in a two-tone (not by choice) monte carlo with a passenger door that wouldn’t open (requiring great Dukes of Hazzards skills). Those days were cool. Yet, as we were throwing a local gym sign in the back of my truck at 2am in the morning, I realized not much has changed.

As I am now successful and surrounded by Starbucks coffee houses populated by guys wearing flare jeans…I remind myself to remember what cool is. You don’t have to fall into the trap…you can still sport a naked angel tattoo (its not cold in heaven after all) under a new suit as you give presentations to people stuck in the trend.

Feb 14, 2005 — Life