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When Bad Servers Rebel

Between YouTube down on Tuesday, my own hosting problems for the past couple days, and 37Singals having a bad morning, it seems everyone deals with hosting issues from time to time.

YouTube Deflated

YouTube is down (or close to it), rendering little more than plain HTML text. Either they’re having technical difficulties or someone posted the funniest video ever made.

Decoy Fix for IE Duplicate Characters Bug

Among the countless IE annoyances, the duplicate character bug is one I’ve ran into more than once. Position Is Everything has a thorough write-up on the puzzling behavior, which seems to be triggered by HTML comments between floats and sometimes hidden elements. There are a couple different workarounds such as a -3px margin on the […]

Findings From the Web Design Survey

In April 2007, A List Apart and An Event Apart conducted a survey of people who make websites. Close to 33,000 web professionals answered the survey’s 37 questions, providing the first data ever collected on the business of web design and development as practiced in the U.S. and worldwide. This is an enormous collection of […]

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37 Signals Releases Highrise

Highrise is an online contact manager that helps you keep track of who you talk to, what was said, and what to do next. Excellent tool for organizing contacts. In an age where working off-site is increasingly common, effective communication via internet and phone is a must. I can see where Highrise would be incredibly […]

ExpressionEngine Redesign Explained

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain has written an excellent article describing the ExpressionEngine website redesign. Not only is the final result a fantastic website but his insights are worth any designer’s time. Great info on the design process as well as working with clients.

9rules Ali

In the season of redesigns, 9rules launches what they’ve codenamed, “Ali.” Some of the added features include: 9rules Live – expanded to give readers more options for viewing 9rules member content 9rules Member Site Profile – each 9rules member has a dedicated page for their site Topics – Find information quickly on popular topics my.9rules […]

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Happy Cog Anew

Happy Cog releases a beautiful new design, pushing the message that they are not just web designers but authors, speakers, and industry movers as well. More from the man who got the cog rolling, Zeldman outlines the process in a recent post.

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Semantic Naming Conventions

Andy Clarke‘s recently released, Transcending CSS, has an interesting bit on naming conventions (the labels designers give to elements). Though the subject is not new, it will no doubt be revisited more in the future as designers continue to focus on semantic coding. A while back, Andy, along with the aid of Eric Meyer, peeked […]

Top Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Firefox being my choice web browser, the following is a list of extensions I’ve found most useful. Each image is linked to the corresponding extension install page. Enjoy and if you have any recommendations, feel free to add a comment! FireBug lets you explore the far corners of the DOM by keyboard or mouse. All […]