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Choosing the Right Home for Your Online Presence

Of all things related to web design, hosting has quickly become my least favorite. In the past month alone, I’ve signed up with a handful of hosting companies (not all reviewed in this article) and have spent an overwhelming number of hours researching and testing available options. The reason for the change is simply growth […]

Web Host Survey Results

Choosing the right host can be a daunting task. I launched version one of Shifting Creations back in summer of 2004, the first site I had ever built exported from Photoshop (yikes). I spent nights after my internship researching and comparing hosts with hardly an understanding of the web technologies each package included. At the […]

CSS Type Set Goes Live

CSS Type Set is one of the projects I’ve been working on with friends, Travis and Tristan. The site serves as a hands-on tool for beginning designers and developers to interactively experiment with CSS in a WYSIWYG fashion. While similar concepts have been done before, our main focus was delivering a unique, easy-to-understand interface with […]

SitePoint CSS Reference

I often recommend w3schools to anyone interested in learning more about web languages, specifically HTML/CSS. SitePoint now offers a similar resource which is up-to-date and very easy to understand. Both sites are worth the bookmark.

DreamHost Web Panel

Anyone currently hosting through DreamHost? After a recent bad experience with LunarPages not being able to identify a PHP related problem on their servers, I’ve been host shopping for a backup plan. DreamHost seems the likely choice for my needs but I’m curious about their “Web Panel” that is used for controlling all aspects of […]