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Finding Inspiration on Dribbble

Dribbble is described as a show and tell for creatives, a place where designers and developers can share small screenshots of what they’re working on. Personally, I’ve found it to be much more. On top of receiving helpful criticisms of work-in-progress, Dribbble has become one of the best online sources for design inspiration. Not long […]

Rareview Raises the Bar

Today, Rareview launched the latest version of their website, boasting their signature style and impressive Flash and Javascript enhancements. The work section, in particular, was creatively organized and includes notes for certain work screenshots. The blog was also updated and I lent a hand in creating the new WordPress theme. Check out the new Rareview […]

Raka Redesign

Raka Creative, a talented interactive studio in Portsmouth, NH, starts the new year off right with a fresh redesign. If you haven’t taken a peek already, check out their inspirational work and read the touching story on how Raka came to be.

ExpressionEngine Redesign Explained

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain has written an excellent article describing the ExpressionEngine website redesign. Not only is the final result a fantastic website but his insights are worth any designer’s time. Great info on the design process as well as working with clients.

9rules Ali

In the season of redesigns, 9rules launches what they’ve codenamed, “Ali.” Some of the added features include: 9rules Live – expanded to give readers more options for viewing 9rules member content 9rules Member Site Profile – each 9rules member has a dedicated page for their site Topics – Find information quickly on popular topics my.9rules […]

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Happy Cog Anew

Happy Cog releases a beautiful new design, pushing the message that they are not just web designers but authors, speakers, and industry movers as well. More from the man who got the cog rolling, Zeldman outlines the process in a recent post.

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Business Ethics and Design Motive

A good friend asked me the other day, “When designing, where is the line between informing the people and taking advantage of your audience.” The way I see it, humans are centered around communcation. A deer in the woods makes all of its decisions based on instinct, from the moment it is born. Farmers see […]

MC Cycle & Sport Launch

MC Cycle and Sport is a project I’ve been working on for Myles Chase. The site is now live and will soon include cycling events and an image gallery.

Eye Candy

2Advanced relaunch their site. Hello, beautiful.

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Ask and You Shall Receive

I’ve had a few inquiries about good sites to find tutorials, Photoshop in particular, and decided to make this list for my own reference as well. Enjoy. Tutorials: Webdogpro Grey Cobra Pixel2life Bluesfear Spoono Photoshop Nation Shiver7 Snecx The Web Machine Depiction Tutorialman FlashKit UltraShock Kirupa 3d Cafe Artists Deviant Art Craig Mullens Feng Zhu […]

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