More Navigation, Less Hamburgers

hamburglar likes your navigation

Hello. I’m one of your coveted website users and I have a secret to share with you: I still use a desktop! (*gasp*) Please, I beg you, stop punishing me for not always browsing the web on a mobile device.

If I’m viewing your website on a large screen, show me the navigation. Don’t hide essential links behind a hamburger icon on my 27-inch iMac; there’s no need and you’re requiring an extra click for me to use your website. Furthermore, navigation is a small but useful clue that helps users quickly recognize the purpose of a given website. For example, if your main navigation contains a “Store” link, I can generally assume you have products for sale. This is valuable information that should not be hidden and required to dig for when there is ample room to display it.

As the mobile web audience grows at an incredible rate, web designers have diligently and impressively crafted new techniques (e.g. Responsive Web Design). “Mobile first” is the new way of thinking, and rightfully so. However, let’s remember that the goal should be to accommodate as many devices as possible and that includes your old friend, the desktop.

  • Sarah

    I agree!

  • I’ve seen this trends from a few designers who really should know better. In our world of making websites, we develop a bit of an insular view – when we only observe other designers, we forget how regular people use the web. Save the hamburger navigation for when we can be reasonably sure the user is on a mobile device.

  • I’ve noticed a lot of this from Design and Marketing companies that jump in to web design a little under qualified. Sometimes people get so obsessed with display on a certain size device that they forget about good ole functionality. Next thing you know, they’re throwing an important link in the footer because it was the only place left.

  • As 4K monitors and their massive resolutions continue to gain popularity, I’m confident designers will focus more on optimizing large desktop views, along with mobile.

  • This is really sad thing some web designers are doing this kind of activities. One should know every business is having lot of competition and by doing this thing you are permanently losing customer.This is annoying for visitors.