It’s No Secret: I’ve Been Busy

One look at the dust on this blog and it’s obvious that I haven’t had a lot of spare time for personal projects. Over the last year, I’ve been a part of some incredible client jobs (such as version 2.0 of Projecturf), moved home and office, spent nearly every weekend at friends and family events, and recently became engaged to my fiancée. While I’ve had no shortage of new web ideas during this time, I just haven’t been able to work on them — until now.

Design Kindle

Design Kindle is a personal project that I’ve wanted to get off the ground for some time now. The web design community is such a welcoming, sharing group of people and the idea behind Design Kindle is to give back. The site will offer a growing collection of handcrafted, premium quality design files absolutely free. You’ll be able to download files instantly without signing up, joining a membership, or paying a single penny. The initial file types available will be graphics, vectors, and coded websites, but other categories will likely be added in the future. All resources will be free for both personal and commercial use.

I’m very excited to see Design Kindle come to life and the list of free files will continue to expand. Development is nearly finished and the site will launch in early September. To thank those who support the project and help spread the word, there’s going to be an iPad giveaway. Check out Design Kindle for details on how to enter and be sure to follow on twitter for more updates. Also, stay tuned for more personal projects on the horizon.

  • The new Design Kindle looks great. Can’t wait to see how it expands in the future. Good work.

  • Thanks, WIll. One more week to go and then the site will be live!

  • Very nice Adrian. Seems you’ve beaten us to the punch. We’re actually relaunching Designmoo with a very similar focus, high quality freebies. That’s great! Maybe we could start a freebie network or something. :)

  • Chris, that’s exciting news, good luck on the launch. Please keep me posted; I’d love to collaborate or help where I can.

  • Jeb

    What nice website….and the ‘freebies’ are high quality.

  • Jeb

    Uh…. OK — just tried to download ” The Mariner’s Tumblog” …but I get a message that the “compressed (zipped) file is empty”.

    What am I missing..??… I see that there have been other downloads according to your stat box. ??

  • Jeb, please try again. I just downloaded that file to verify the link is working and it appears to be fine. Thanks.

  • Jeb

    Thanks Adrian…. it worked this time.

  • Tamar

    You have great stuff there! A wonderful work. Thanks a lot!

  • Sarah

    Great job with Design Kindle!! It’s a great success! :D
    I can’t wait to see the re-design of completed – It looks amazing so far!! <3

  • Design Kindle is looking good Adrian!!

    I’d love to submit some content to the site, how do I go about this? Please, drop me a line if you would be open to this?

  • Great job Adrian, Design Kindle looks great. Lots of free design tools, I am sure I will use some of them in my websites.