Rareview Raises the Bar


Today, Rareview launched the latest version of their website, boasting their signature style and impressive Flash and Javascript enhancements. The work section, in particular, was creatively organized and includes notes for certain work screenshots. The blog was also updated and I lent a hand in creating the new WordPress theme.

Check out the new Rareview site and their latest projects. I guarantee it is unlike any other agency you’ve seen before.

  • It may be in bad taste to say how much I like our own website, but what the heck; I love it! Our team did a great job and I am so excited that you worked on yet another one of our projects with us. Thanks Adrian; you’re amazing! It’s great having you as part of our team :)

  • I agree – Adrian, you rock.

  • Thanks, Andrew! Great job on handling design for the new Rareview site!

  • Couple of things that you mention… flash and javascript.

    What about page file size / loading time and getting information on the page that the spiders can read.

    I like a bit of flash, I like a bit of javascript… but only in small doses.

  • Zafar, it comes down to target audience and what is best to attract the business you’re looking for.

  • I just want to say that I absolutely love your blog and your work. Thanks for taking the time to inspire and educate us.

  • Thanks, Rodrigo, glad you’re finding the site useful.

  • OH!….WOW…….Now thats what am talking about! I loved the work section! Awesome….Well…….Ahem anyway to get download that template!

  • Absolutely fantastic work. Love the font and the beautiful animated header images. The rollover effect on the navigation bar/s is also perfect. The actual layout is so simple but you get so much information. That site has really inspired me :)

  • Real Cool design, impresive :)