ExpressionEngine Redesign Explained

  • Even if it’s a comprehensive description, I think that the design process has many unexplained and subjective aspects.

  • Interesting input, considering you’ve also added your opinion without any explanation. I think the fact that Jesse took the time to create such a write up is respectable. Not to mention, you might not agree with everything he says, but I guarantee some readers (myself included) appreciated the insight and used the info to learn from.

  • I stumbled across this article on another website and I really enjoyed reading it, his writing style was really catchy. I already saw the ExpressionEngine-redesign and was really impressed by it. It looks very sharp and clean. I especially have respect for the icons since I’m really, really bad at making icons. I think that site is a masterpiece.

    I find it also highly interesting how his creativity changed with his workplace. Makes me think if I should spice my room up a little bit.

    Nice, clean design on this blog also. Simple but good, I like it. ;)

    Sven Schoene

  • That’s true, the bit on inspiration from the workplace was interesting and is probably one of those low cost things everyone should consider when looking to boost their work quality.

    Thanks for the comment!